The Microsoft Store on Xbox is Getting a Redesign

Hopefully, this overhaul of the Microsoft Store will include all of the changes that have been needed for quite some time.

Announced earlier today, the Microsoft Store is getting a redesign and is coming to Xbox insiders first. The update is not similar to the typical updates usually implemented, rather, the store has been built from the ground up to be faster, safer, and easier to use.

The update will supposedly make the store twice as fast as it was before and will launch is just under two seconds. The browser performance has also been improved and will allow users to load pages and trailers quicker than before.

On top of improvements to the overall speed of the Microsoft Store, it has also been redesigned to provide a more intuitive experience. The navigation system has been overhauled and includes changes to search functionality so that it is easier for users to filter results. The Wish List can now add new games and keep tabs on sale pricing for those games or items. The shopping cart has been improved as well so users can easily find games across each of the Xbox consoles.

Microsoft Store

The new store will now make users be signed into their Xbox account before browsing. This will allow a more personalized experience. Content will be filtered to align with family settings that are set to child accounts. Content rated beyond the user’s filter will not appear inside the store.

The new update will be rolled out gradually. If you are an Xbox Insider, you might start seeing the new store as early as August 5. It will be more widely available to Insiders over time but will eventually go out to all users this fall.

The Microsoft Store on Xbox has always been a bit of a mess. It has never been that intuitive to use and I tend to get lost in it at times. I am happy to see that they are making some massive improvements to the design and speed.

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