Supergiant’s Hades Has Sold Over One Million Copies

Hades has easily cleared one million copies after its release. Between sizeable early access sales and a push on launch, this is a success for Supergiant.

It’s official, Hades, Supergiant’s latest masterpiece, is a massive success. The game just launched last week, and that full release has given the roguelike a final big push over one million copies sold. Obviously, the team already had a solid start given it had sold around 700,000 copies in early access. That said, this is already a big win for Supergiant.

The fact that Hades started in early access makes the numbers a little wonky, but, by my count, this puts it in line with even Bastion in terms of quickly sales are moving. Though math was never my strong suit, so I could be missing something. Regardless, we know it took nearly a year and a half for Transistor to surpass one million copies sold. Bastion looks like it took a similar chunk of time to do the same. So, at worst, Hades is right there with Supergiant’s usual output.

And it makes perfect sense. Hades is phenomenal. If you have any interest in roguelikes or just something that nails gameplay nearly perfectly, you owe it yourself to check it out. From the jump, Hades is a great game that handles like a dream. And it only gets better the more you progress. The PC version currently sits at a 91 on Metacritic, while the Nintendo Switch is at stunning 95. So, don’t just take my word for it. Hades rules.

Hades is out now on Nintendo Switch and PC. Our own Kris Cornelisse should have our review out relatively soon. I don’t want to steal his thunder too much, but word on the street is that he likes it quite a bit.

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