The Crysis Remastered Launch Trailer Shows the Difference 13 Years Can Make

Crysis Remastered is looking impressive, the same way the original game did over a decade ago

Crysis is returning to all platforms with Crysis Remastered, once again raising the question to thousands of PC gamers: but can it run Crysis? You had better hope so because the game’s launch trailer shows the impressive changes the PC-boundary-pushing game has gone through.

The launch trailer for Crysis Remastered is more of an action movie trailer. It shows Nomad, your character in the game, wreaking havoc in small villages, urban areas and military bases. Of course, he’s making use of the series’ iconic nano-suit, flipping in between maximum armor and cloak to take out hordes of North Korean soldiers.

And of course, you should expect Crysis Remastered to look brilliant. While the 2007 version of the game still holds up in some ways, this version takes it to a whole other level. There isn’t a single part of Crysis Remastered that hasn’t improved upon the original, from textures to lighting effects it’s a visual treat.

It should be noted though that footage from the trailer was likely captured on PC, where the game will look and perform its best. I can’t speak for the Xbox and Playstation versions of the game, but I was able to play through the game on Switch before release. Suffice to say, the Switch version of the game doesn’t live up to today’s trailer – it looks markedly last-gen, although it does boast some impressive lighting effects, especially considering the handheld console’s power.

Crysis Remastered is out now on PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

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