Village Gets Chilling New Footage at PS5 Showcase

Capcom shared a new look at Resident Evil: Village, giving us a horrific new glimpse at the next chapter in the long-running series.

Resident Evil has long been the definition of survival horror, and in recent years returned to its roots through REVII and the RE2 and RE3 remakes. However, the next mainline chapter is arriving next year, with Sony giving a brand new look at what to expect from the upcoming next-gen title.

During the PlayStation 5 Showcase by Sony, Capcom shared a new look at the upcoming Resident Evil: Village, giving us a closer look at the game’s chilling setting and tone. Continuing from where REVII left off, Village seems to be aiming to bring players into an entirely different Resident Evil experience, this time around focused on European forests and mountains and the presence of werewolves, in lieu of the series’ traditional zombies.

You can take a look at the brand new trailer below:

Resident Evil: Village, which was confirmed as the eighth mainline installment in the horror series, was initially revealed at Sony’s PS5 Showcase back in June, was confirmed to be arriving for next-gen platforms and PC early next year. However, the new footage gives us a bit of a clearer picture on the title, especially with the return of some familiar faces in the franchise like Chris Redfield.

Capcom also confirmed that like its most recent predecessors, RE: Village will also make use of the latest iteration of the RE Engine, ensuring that the next chapter in the series will shine with some extra next-gen polish.

Resident Evil: Village will release for PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC in early 2021.

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